Tuesday, 24 March 2009

And this image was just round the corner on Hoxton Square.
My friend Caroline is designing a wallpaper for B3 designers. I was trying to describe this wallpaper I've often noticed walking by Cây Tre Vietnamese Kitchen on Old Street to her, but my memory is obviously playing tricks on me because I told her it was full on monkeys climbing trees, which it's not. Apparently it's by a local artist called Andy George Magee, the waiter pointed out that his name is printed in the design - a nice touch. Couldn't find all that much about Andy George, except for his work at Comme Ca Art. I'm looking forward to seeing Caroline's design, take a look on her website to see her lovely floral prints.
Looks like some original Clothkits in the Amelia's magazine! Could this really be 2009?

London Print Works

I did a print course at London Print Works a few weeks ago. It was an 5 day introduction to screen printing. I loved every second, and bashed out as many artworks as I could. Here's one. I accidently played around with the hue and saturation on photoshop and got this bright green and blues. The course was taught by a very friendly lady named Dawn Dupree. Take a look at her website if fancy seeing some more print based artworks.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

A friend of mine posted facebook about a fund raising event at area10 in peckham for The Tree House Gallery. I missed it, but the photos on the site were really appealing. When I was stuck for something to add to the blog this eve, it came back to me. Anyway, it turns out that tree nests I really liked were designed by Ryan Frank. The sight of these leaves makes me want to run away to the countryside and climb a tree. I might just make it to Regents Park where The Tree House Gallery runs from 13th July till 6th September.
Another appealing seat by Moroso and Kim Beck.
I can't remember where I came across Sergio Rodrigues, but I like his style. His chairs are pretty cool too.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Christian Wijnants is one of my very favorite designers. I could pick the colours of any of his collections. But Spring/Summer 2006 was photographed by Viviane Sassens and I've kept a set of photocopies all this time. She has a new book out Flamboya, a collection of photos taken in Africa.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

This was from a colour palette suggestion, image from Keetra and Ktoj, well, from Keetra to be precise.
Hui Hui an indie Berlin fashion label. They always do a great line in a variety of sludgy shades.
Marcus Oakley gets crafty.
This Vogue fashion shoot entitled Light and Fantastic by Javier Vallhonrat is aptly named, just fantastic! Neons under sheer white crepe, I don't often come over all fashion luvey, but heres getting close!
AJ Fosik discovered in a fun book called Illustration Play published by Victionary. Photos courtesy of Jonathan Levine gallery in New York.